Astronaut Soup

In an earlier post, I served up my go-to recipe for a chocolate protein shake. I’ve since conjured up another lunchtime offering that favors nutritional value over tastiness… hence the name Astronaut Soup. While it doesn’t delight my sweet tooth, it still satisfies the palate.

Here are the ingredients that I whip up in a blender:

ingredients for a healthy chocolate1 cup bone broth (see earlier post)

.5-1 cup of coconut milk or goat milk kefir
(Note: Kefir is a natural source of probiotics.)

1 scoop of unflavored plant-based protein powder

1 generous fistful of fresh spinach

1-2 carrots

2-3 celery stalks

1 small avocado

A splash or two of apple cider vinegar to taste

ingredients for a healthy chocolateWhile the addition of an avocado may raise eyebrows due to its high fat content, it has several beneficial health effects. As a substitute for saturated animal fats, avocados have been shown to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, especially the worst of the LDLs. They have been shown to have cancer-fighting properties as well as reduce the risk of leaky gut. They contribute a host of essential vitamins as well as dietary fiber. And, of course, it makes the soup a lot more savory.

For best results, serve at room temperature.