Curry, Soup, and Vegetable Pie

spring vegetable curryIt was fairly light week cooking-wise. We signed onto a meal train in behalf of good friends who are a week out from major surgery and did a “repeat” of the Summer Vegetables with Red Curry and Apricot Chutney. Spike and I worked efficiently in the kitchen having made these recipes before. It felt good to serve up something special for them.

Otherwise, I decided to venture further into soups and stews. I made my first batch of Vegetable Stock for use in the Winter Greens Soup. With a bit more effort, I could have made a double batch of stock and saved myself some effort on the next go round. Stock freezes like a champ. Lesson learned… Meanwhile, the Winter Greens Soup was wonderful!

My second meal of the week was an ambitious one: Winter Vegetable Pie. Even the author admitted: “This is a time-consuming dish to prepare, but well worth the effort.” It had 3 major components: (i) Mushroom Stock from which I made a sumptuous Mushroom Sauce; (ii) assorted vegetables and fresh herbs for the “meat” of the pie; and, (iii) tart dough for the topping. It consumed a healthy part of a day to prepare – although I made a double-batch of Vegetable Stock while I was at it. The end result was a full-on party for our taste buds.

spring vegetable curryWhen I make this dish for company, I’ll opt for individually-sized pie plates (a la chicken pot pie.) As you can see, it’s rather difficult to get a serving out of the pie pan. I’ll also make sure to place a cookie sheet under the pie pan while baking. The filling oozed out the sides and started burning on the bottom of the oven. Spike and I scrambled to ventilate the kitchen before the smoke detectors got in on the action. Oh, well… We needed to clean the oven anyway!