happy herbivore, lean and light

REVIEW: Happy Herbivore Light and Lean

Chef Lindsay Nixon pursues a simple, yet powerful mission – “to show how easy, affordable, approachable, realistic, and, most importantly, delicious, eating healthy can be.” This cookbook delivers on that promise. It was a great launching pad for our journey into the whole foods plant based lifestyle. Here’s why:

  • The recipes use common ingredients that most grocers carry.
  • The recipes can be pulled together with relatively little effort.
  • The instructions are spot on, and the guideposts for calories and macronutrients are quite helpful.
  • Portion sizes vary from 1 to 4 persons – perfect for our 2-person household.
  • The food is healthy and really good!

In short, this cookbook is a great resource for everyday cooking. It also provides a number of options that work well for casual dining with friends.

Lindsay supports a website that provides 7-day meal plans and the associated shopping lists to make healthy eating even easier. Check out www.getmealplans.com. What could be easier?