Fields of Greens: Turnovers, Filo, And Tortillas

I’ve never cooked with filo dough and felt quite intimidated by the prospect of working with it. I also feared that it would be difficult to find. But, lo and behold, there it was in my WalMart Neighborhood Market!

The filo sheets are quite delicate and need to be processed with all due haste before they dry out. I found it quite useful to have an abundance of sheets so as not to worry about the ones that tore due to my clumsy handling. (BTW – I got better at working with it over time.) The filo casseroles were absolutely delicious and real crowd pleasers. They made me look as though I knew my way around a gourmet kitchen.

The turnovers proved a bit too rich and starchy for our blood. We prefer more filling and less pastry. The enchiladas were tasty but unremarkable. Quesadillas are always a good idea!

pastry turnover with corn, peppers, and chilies
Pastry Turnover with Corn, Peppers, and Chilies
butternut squash turnover
Pastry Turnovers with Butternut Squash, Leeks, and Thyme
mushroom filo turnovers
Filo Turnovers with Mushrooms and Pine Nuts
spinach filo turnovers
Filo Turnovers with Spinach, Feta Cheese, and Rosemary
mushroom-leek filo
Mushroom-Leek filo with Gruyère Cheese and Thyme
spinach and mushroom filo
Filo with Spinach, Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, and Pine Nuts
artichoke filo
Artichoke with Sun-Dried Tomato Filo
enchiladas rojas
Enchiladas Rojas
enchiladas verdes
Enchiladas Verdes