Fields of Greens: Soups

I love eating hot soup on a cold Fall or Winter evening. So I was delighted to be introduced to a whole new set of recipes to warm the cockles of my heart. I highly recommend going to the effort of preparing homemade soup stock (for which there are several outstanding recipes). It provides a fresh and flavorful base that makes each soup really savory. Where tomatoes are included, I use fresh versus canned. The latter adds a flavoring that overwhelms the subtlety of the other vegetables and herbs. All of the soup stocks are low sodium, and the remnants are worthy additions to our compost pile.

My favorites include: Potato-Corn Chowder (using fresh ears of corn), Winter Greens Soup (using kale, chard, and spinach – a.k.a., super foods), Butter Squash Soup with Apple Confit, and Mushroom Soup with Caramelized Onions. FYI: It takes a bit of effort to prepare the caramelized onions, but the resulting mushroom soup is delightful!

tomato and white bean soup
Tomato, White Bean, and Spinach Soup
asparagus soup
Asparagus Soup
leek and basmati rice soup
Leek and Basmati Rice Soup
tomato fennel soup
Tomato-Fennel Soup with Garlic Croutons and Parmesan Cheese
spicy corn and chick pea soup
Spicy Corn and Chick-Pea Soup with Chilies
palak shorva
Palak Shorva – Curried Spinach with Toasted Coconut
potato corn chowder
Potato-Corn Chowder
green corn soup
Green Corn Soup
pepper and corn soup
Pepper and Corn Soup
summer minestrone
Summer Minestrone
chilled beet soup
Chilled Beet Soup with Dill
butternut squash soup
Butternut Squash Soup with Apple Confit
tomato soup
Tomato, Saffron, and Roasted Garlic Soup
mexican lentil soup
Mexican Lentil Soup with Roasted Garlic and Chilis
potato soup with pesto
Potato Soup with Pesto
winter greens soup
Winter Greens Soup
potato leek and celery root soup
Potato, Leek, and Celery Root Soup
tuscan white bean soup
Tuscan White Bean Soup with Rosemary Croutons
spicy black bean soup
Spicy Black Bean Soup
moroccan lentil soup
Moroccan Lentil Soup
mushroom soup with carmelized onions
Mushroom Soup with Carmelized Onions
mushroom barley soup
Mushroom-Barley Soup
carrot soup
Carrot Soup with North African Spices
carrot leek soup
Carrot-Leek Soup with Gruyere Cheese and Thyme
roman tomato lentil soup
Roman Tomato Lentil Soup