Fields of Greens: Desserts

If you love chocolate, the Gâteau Moule (a.k.a., Steamed Chocolate Cake) will not disappoint. It’s delicate and moist and, therefore, a bit fragile when apportioning individual slices. No one will complain! The Ginger Pound Cake is also delicious – not too heavy, not too sweet.

I made the Cranberry Lattice Tart for my mother’s birthday. My older brother declared it to be among the top 3 fruit pies that he’d eaten in his lifetime. Considering the place of honor that my family accords fruit pies, it was high praise indeed!

The Praline Cookies were a bit of an adventure. I made the Praline from scratch, following Annie Somerville’s expert instructions. It came out as expected, although it was a bit of a mess when chopping into bite-sized pieces. However, the praline blended nicely with the shortbread dough, and the cookies were a bit hit with my ISing Choir compatriots.

I very nearly skipped making the Meyer Lemon Ice Cream and Mandarin Orange Sorbet for want of an ice cream maker. A friend came to the rescue with a loan of her easy-to-use Cuisinart appliance. Both recipes were so delicious that my mouth still waters at their memory.

The Honey Mouse deserves the final mention. The sweet richness of the mouse pairs nicely with fresh berries. Great honey is the secret to success. I purchased mine from my favorite beekeeper at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. It’s well worth the added expense and, of course, supports a valued local business.

Having extolled the virutes of the recipes for which we had success, it’s only fair that I mention a “growth opportunity.” The Ginger Pots de Crème came out somewhat watery although was still tasty. The Lemon Pots De Crème exploded in the baking dish. It was still reasonably tasty but proved a little embarassing at the “big reveal” with our dinner companions.

ginger pound cake
Ginger Pound Cake
persimmon pudding
Persimmon Pudding
steamed chocolate cake
Gâteau Moule – Steamed Chocolate Cake
honey mousse with berries
Raspberries and Blueberries with Honey Mousse
lemon pots de creme
Lemon Pots de Crème
ginger pots de creme
Ginger Pots de Crème
apricot cherry crisp
Apricot-Cherry Crisp with Crème Anglaise Sauce
apple-rhubarb crisp
Apple-Rhubarb Crisp
peach blueberry pie
Peach-Blueberry Pie
cranberry lattice tart
Cranberry Lattice Tart
strawberry cobbler
Strawberry Cobbler
gingerbread with poached cranberries
Gingerbread with Poached Cranberries
baked apple
Baked Apple Filled with Walnuts and Currants
raspberry sauce
Raspberry Sauce
praline cookies
Praline Cookies
Chocolate-Almond Biscotti
meyer lemon ice cream
Meyer Lemon Ice Cream
mandarin orange sorbet
Mandarin Orange Sorbet
candied citrus peel
Candied Citrus Peel

Note: Poached Apricots are featured as a topping for the Corn Cakes.