straight up food cookbook

SUMMARY: Straight Up Food Cookbook

Cathy Fisher joins the cadre of chefs who meet the demand for whole food plant based recipes without added salt, oil, or sugar. Instead of salt, she lets the natural flavors of the food and spices shine. Instead of oil, she uses broth (or water) for stir-frying and tree nuts (typically raw cashews) for dressings and desserts. Instead of sugar, she uses applesauce, bananas, dates, raisins, and other fruits to satisfy the sweet tooth. Cathy also tends to use nonglutenous grains (e.g., rice, corn, oats, millet) to support those who need to be on gluten-free diets.

In addition to her tasty recipes, Cathy provides information and resources to help home cooks transition to the whole food plant based cuisine – e.g., menu planning, shopping, reading food labels, dining out. She also provides nutritional data for all of her recipes, courtesy of the CRON-o-Meter web application.