the china study cookbook

REVIEW: China Study Cookbook

In the wake of reading Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study, I was drawn to the official companion cookbook in my quest to become a happy and heathy adherent of a whole foods plant based diet. Dr. Campbell’s daughter, Leanne, compiled 120+ tasty recipes and offered a gaggle of good advice for those embarking on this journey. It was the perfect complement to her father’s groundbreaking research on the connection between chronic disease and nutrition.

Most of the recipes contemplate a larger audience than our 2-person household. They’re great for dinner parties as well as loading up the refrigerator with delicious leftovers. When needed, I scaled the recipes back to the 2-person serving size without incident.

Each recipe comes with estimates of the preparation and cooking times. My preparation times tended to be a bit longer, but I used that time to catch up with my husband after a busy day or revel in some wonderful music or both. I find that when I allocate sufficient time to “kitchen patrol,” cooking becomes a form of meditation that helps me relax and unwind.